Combined Race with Northern Vets at Lancefield 10:00 a.m. start

First of two events to be held in conjunction with Northern Vets, the Merle Jamieson Handicap will be run at Lancefield over a 60 km circuit. Entries via Nothern Website. Payment on the day. Entries for this race are open on Entry Boss and can be accessed through the Northern Club website via the event box (click here), or calling the Northern Vets Handicapper Noel Said on 0490129175.  Entries close 12.00 p.m. Friday August 23rd.

Click here for the course map. 

Registration & presentation area is at  Lancefield Recreation Reserve enter off Chauncey str, entrance is directly opposite Park st and they will see the tennis courts at the font of the entrance, when they enter, turn left at the front of the football oval and head towards the BBQ area. If you zoom into the map, it will give you a better understanding. Riders once registered can either ride or drive down before the race starts at the start/ finish line on McMasters lane.


CVVCC Club Championships Newbridge

Men's and Women's champiuonships to be decided over two laps of a 26 km circuit. Free entry. No supporting race. Corner stewards are Paul Russell, Noel Sens and Cameron Smith  Click here for course map.